Meet McKinzi Warren

 From the FOUNDER

Welcome to SpeakIt! Learning. Have you ever daydreamed about how awesome life would be if you spoke another language?  I can tell you first hand that achieving that dream (in my case, speaking Spanish) has been the most rewarding and exciting adventure of my life- not to mention a sound career choice in our global economy. 

I hold a B.S. in education from the Ohio State University as well as a dual B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from the Ohio State University and the University of Granada in Granada, Spain.  Drawing from over 9 years of my experience teaching language learners from a variety of backgrounds and settings, the SpeakIt! language course is inspired by the needs and wants of YOU, the student. 

Too often, students find that even after investing multiple years into learning the language of their choice, they are unable to hold a conversation or navigate daily interactions with native speakers with confidence.  NO MORE- I invite you to impress yourself and those around you with your new language skills in 8 weeks or less!