Speak It!: Spanish

Speak It!: Spanish


Now through September ONLY $499.00 for our 10 week immersion course, including all student materials.


Speak It!

Whether you have studied a language for years in school or are just starting out, you have an opportunity to gain confidence and have fun speaking a foreign language after the first day of class!

Learn It!

NO exams! NO homework! Speak It uses activities incorporating music, partnered and independent readings, and other interactive tools to make a secondary language comprehensible without all the busy work. 

Love It!

Proven to be a more effective way to command a language in society, discover the method adopted by businesses and schools all across the nation. Make a community of friends and walk out of class feeling empowered and satisfied with your growth.

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Course Schedule:
Summer Immersion Program:

Mondays and Fridays


10 Weeks

July 12th- September 2nd


527 Northridge Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43214