Learn a language the fun way.


This is not like high school.

We bring the world closer together without the strain of traditional language learning models. We believe learning a language is and should be fun, interactive, and memorable.

Speak It is the difference between memorizing information and experiencing it! Guess what? It only takes one hundred words to understand approximately 60% of everyday interactions in a foreign language. At Speak It we use storytelling and interactive classes to capitalize on the fact that our brains naturally remember what we find interesting.

Using props, stories, laughter, and group interaction,  students learn the process of speaking, thinking and living a new language. In as few as 16 classes, students have the confidence to talk at work, on vacation, with extended family, and countless of other interactions every day. 



Whether you have studied a language for years in school or are just starting out, you have an opportunity to gain confidence and have fun speaking a foreign language after the first day of class!


No exams! No homework! SpeakIt uses activities incorporating music, partnered and independent readings, and other interactive tools to make a secondary language comprehensible without all the busy work. 


Proven to be a more effective way to command a language in society, discover the method adopted by businesses and schools all across the nation. Make a community of friends and walk out of class feeling empowered and satisfied with your growth.


A proven method.

Speak It uses a groundbreaking language learning method called "Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling" or TPRS. The TPRS model was developed from a simple idea – to learn a language you have to live it.

Experts agree that mastering a new language doesn’t come from hard study or memorization. Language comes from the meaningful exchange between people. From day one TPRS immerses students in an environment that lets them acquire the grammar and vocabulary of a language naturally, and then use what they have acquired in real communicative situations. A TPRS lesson progresses in three phases.

1. Establishing meaning of new words through spoken examples and writing in the target language and the students' native language. 

2. Reinforcing the structures by "asking" student's to build a story using what they have learned in a creative and engaging way.

3. Reiterating the material through reading and discussing a similar story that has prepared in advance.

Multiple studies exploring TPRS’ effectiveness have found that it is one of the fastest ways to learn a new language. When compared to traditional foreign language instruction, TPRS students often show stronger speaking, reading, and writing skills. Instead of learning about a language, TPRS allows students to learn how to use a language.

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January 1, 2018


"This is so much better than high school classes. It feels just as fun as Trivia Night at a bar."

- Alexa Johnson


"I actually spoke Spanish in Peru with ease and confidence! This is a travel game changer!"

- Tyler Westerfield


"I can now talk to my Spanish speaking customers in my bank , giving me a cutting edge in the workplace."

- James Lee